Damian Harmony

In short, you have me my family. Before you became our midwife, the spectre of childbrigh loomed over me. I did not look forward to it. Birth was necessary, but dreaded. Then we met you. Through the whole thing, I was growing more and more at ease with it all, letting go, and just trusting my wife’s body. And when the time actually came, I didn’t have to worry at all until it went bad. Even as my fears came flooding back, I had no doubt that you & Jill both would bust your butts to make it right. Thank you so much. I couldn’t imagine a better person to have in our corner than you. Without a doubt, you helped make me a complete father, a whole husband, and a total person. I sincerely hope that my gratitude comes through in some small part in these words. You are simply amazing, Thank you.


I just want to say thank you for all that you have done & for what you continue to do everyday. I can never begin to express to you how you have changed my life and Fred’s. You literally, from our first visit, turned what started out as a five-month nightmare into what my experience should have been from the beginning, which is absolutely wonderful bliss. When I met the three of you, my horrific hospital pregnancy experience was instantly erased and the joy that I should have been experienced was returned to me. You have changed my life emotionally, physically and spiritually always for the better. Every time I look at my litter Fred I will always remember the three of you and what you did for us. You are awesome women and the world could use more of you. I am now, so excited for my next baby! Thank you so much!

P.S. I hope my 58 hours & 44 minutes weren’t too “exhausting” LOL!


From the moment I walked into your office I felt a sense of peace that the birth of my baby would be with you. You have a humble confidence that put my & Michael’s fears at ease. I so treasured our appointments & appreciated your honesty when discussing confusing topics like vaccinations. I felt your confidence in me and my ability to have a wonderful birth at home from the beginning & know that helped me get through the toughest moments of labor. Thank you for respecting and honoring my desire to have so many people attend my birth & Michael’s desire to deliver our baby. My birth was just what I had dreamed of and I feel that merely saying “thank you” is inadequate. The birth of Emerson has changed me in so many ways & I could not have done it without you. I hope we can continue our friendship & possibly have more labors together in the future. I am so thankful God put you in my life. Thank you for your part in bringing Emerson into my arms.

Elliott, Rae, & Rulette

We appreciate all you have done for us & your patience with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Alyssa & Mike Deacon

Mike and I cannot thank you enough. You are truly blessed and gifted, your passion for midwifery is recognized and warmly received. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and care through our first pregnancy.


I am thankful to have had you as our midwife! Thanks for the beautiful birth!

The Kulagas

A new life, a new love, I couldn’t be happier because you helped us and many others experience a moment so special and create a memory that would last a lifetime! Thank you!
We got you some mums because not only you are great mums, but you also help many mums by empowering and strengthening them and bringing new life into the world with lots of love and peace and joy! Thank you for living out your calling in life, it makes this world a different place one baby at a time.

Amy, Adam, Jack, & Clara

Thanks so much for making my pregnancy & Clara’s birth such a great experience. It was a pleasure to get to know both of you & we will all miss seeing you!

Vasilisa & Anastasia

Thank you very much for being our midwife and taking me as your patient for this pregnancy. Thank you for encouraging, supporting, and taking care of me and of my first baby girl, little Anastasia Odette. Thank you for helping me have another safe, comfortable, memorable and gentle birth. We felt good knowing we were in your hands. Thank you for helping us acheive our second dream birth; we will always look back on it with joy. I hope you like this small gift, “Satin Hands,” which is going to help keep your skillful midwife’s hands smooth & gentle. We hope to stay in touch with you & Violet.


Labor has just started. Looks like the positive affirmations worked today! I want to thank you for an amazing pregnancy experience. Thank you for always listening and taking me serious, even over reacting ha ha. You are wonderful at this work and I am so thankful women like you are out there. I am so excited to have my little baby almost here and to be sharing this with you. “Thank you for this amazing, beautiful labor experience” Love Chrsitina; “Thank you for all your support, and making us feel confident and excited about this experience!”

Jen, Tavis & Zea

Thanks so much for your amazing support during our entire birthing process. We brought our little girl into this world exactly how we wanted. You and your birth team are awesome!

Jenifer & Kaelyn

Thank you for being my midwife and for taking me on at the last minute. I had a great birth experience.

Lacey, Freddy, Zara, Ash, Banyan & Iko

Thank you for the warmest part of our hearts for sharing our journey to the birth of little Iko Rain. Your support and care meant a great deal to our family and we will never, ever forget your loving spirit and beaming smile. We wish you love and joy in your own journey to the birth of your third child; we are so very excited for your family!

Matt, Marga, Tyme, Iban, Viera

Thank you so much for all your support with Viera’s birth. It was an amazing experience. Our families can share a lot of good things!

Ross, Donna & Rose

Thank you for making this journey & experience a blessed & warming one. May God’s blessing be upon you.

Matt and Marga

Thank you so much for all your love, support, and friendship. Love your family so much and looking forward to many fun years to come. Thank you for being at Aylana’s blessing. It was a beautiful experience for us.

Megan & Olivia

No words can completely express how grateful I am and how incredible it was to have you as my midwife. You were meant to be a midwife, what a gift. It means so much that your gentle, calm, & strong spirit helped bring my beautiful baby into this world. Thank you for helping make my dream of having a home birth come true. The birth experience was one of the most profound & special moments of my life. You have such a special place in my heart. I’ll miss my monthly visits with you. I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to call you family! Thank you Tuesday!

Anne Marie and Chris

Dear Jen and Tuesday, Thank you for such a miracle experience. We feel so grateful to have found you guys even though we only met at 37 weeks. We both feel that we have known you many lifetimes. Your work in this world is so amazing- we are in awe. Thank you for working so well with Heather (doula)- it was seamless. We got this SheelaNagig and blessed it with our birth, may you carry this with you on future births for protection and love.

Chris, Derika, Solen and Syoni

Chris and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for walking me through another round of 9 months with great Wisdom and Kindness! From the moment we met I felt a strong degree of trust in both your experience as a midwife and as a mother who had been where I was going. To me, finding a midwife who you could trust to put you and your baby first is the most sought for quality and I found this in you immediately! I also love that you always gave us time to over information when there was a decision to make. You truly respected that fact that the birth of our baby was ours to have our way. You were destined to guide the birth of my children and I will forever cherish this sweet bond!

Jill Harmony

Thank you so much for the outstanding prenatal care and labor support. You had faith in my ability to deliver our baby long before I did. Being able to have a VBAC home birth has been empowering and healing. I feel strong, confident and appreciate my body so much more through the experience of being able to give birth in a loving supportive environment. You were strong, calm and professional when Julia dropped her heart rate. I was able to fully trust that any intervention you performed was necessary and in both Julia and my best interest. Words can’t fully express my gratitude. Thanks so much! Love – Jill Harmony

Janeen & Chris

Thank you so much for your love and support on our journey to welcome baby Wren into our family. We love you xoxox – Janeen & Chris, Kaija Rose, Shiloh Rain and baby Wren Solise

Christy Wheat

Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for you all. It has been an amazing journey for me. I am truly blessed to have you all support and nurture me and my family. This birth has renewed my faith in myself and for that alone is a huge miracle. You are three amazing and empowering women. So kind and extremely patient . I could not have done this without you all. You will forever be held high in my eyes and my family. You are always welcome and I will never forget any of you beautiful ladies. May God bless you.

-With love and gratitude, Christy Wheat


Twice now, when my strong and faith have failed me, you’ve stepped in and showed yours. Ryder & Pearl are blessed to be brought into the world under your love, strength, and hands. May this basket allow you to take moments of knowing many of us hold you up through all you go through and I’m always a phone call away and just adore you.

-All my love, Janelle

The Taylor Family

We wanted to thank you for everything you did. We are so happy that in the end Liam was born at home. It was a very difficult labor but I would do it again. The experience you get at home does not compare to anything else. Thank you for an amazing job, your assistant was also a great help so thank her again please.

The Bahlhorns

Everyday you make such an amazing difference in the lives of your clients/your family. Everything you do whether you are helping a mother catch her baby, and embrace it for the first time. Or guiding a father as he cuts the umbilical cord, even the prenatal visits mean so much. Your calm, nurturing reassurance and warm smiles. The soft gentle touch as you tend to our growing bellies. You are our fellow sisters. Amazingly, strong, independent, and professional women whom I ideal.
I hope that you never go a moment without knowing, how special you are and the brilliant mark that you leave. Congratulations on over 1,000 sweet toes and fingers, 100 noses, over 200 sparkling eyes, and 100 sweet baby bums. What amazing family the two of you have molded and nurtured. I will never forget the amazing gift you helped us in achieving and I cannot wait to repay you for it. And hopefully for the next little Bahlhorn.

The Nelsons

Words simply can’t capture my gratitude. As insufficient as they are thank you for the role you played bringing Margaret into the world. In a moment of such vulnerability you helped me feel safe. Thank you for your presence of mind; your tenderness, humor and care. Thank you for caring not just for my physical needs but for the emotional and physical needs of our entire family. You went above and beyond and I am forever grateful to you.

The Reeds

We couldn’t be more grateful for your encouragement and support throughout my pregnancy and during Willow’s birth. And, of course, the continued ability to call upon you during the post-partum period has been such a blessing. We feel so lucky to have had you both be a part of our journey. Your knowledge, experience and confidence as midwives (Marga, even as a student, I found you to be invaluable!) and mothers made me feel so confortable while going through all of the changes that pregnancy and second-time motherhood brings. We love you both and will always have a special place in our hearts for you. Thank you so much!

The Costellos

Thank you for being our Midwife for both our beautiful children. It has meant so much to us to have you work with us so we could have such beautiful wonderous births! Forever we will be grateful.

Sue Stone

From a worried Grandma: Thank you so much for taking the time to comfort me about Monica’s home birth. And for the video. I was more than amazed at the gentleness around birthing at home. You have given me the confidence and peace, that she and Andy are in very good hands.

Kim, Andy, Myla, and Talulah

Thank you for giving me the confidence and support to birth my daughter without fear. Your love and experience made us all feel at such ease that I was able to have the beautiful home birth that I always wanted. Thank you! XOXO

Titania Bahlhorn +Family

I wanted to let you know that you gave me and my family such an incredible gift, with Liam’s Home Birth. You are so confident and supportive, and you are helping other women and their families be educated and safe in their journey through childbirth and life. Liam’s birth set the stage for his amazing little life with endless opportunities. So Thank You, I am eternally grateful. Thank You for helping me bring my sweet sleeping ten pound little boy into the world!
You Changed My Life: Helping me see how naturally strong I am, Making me a confident mother, Empowering me as a Woman.

Michelle and Adam Eisner

My husband and I knew we wanted a pregnancy and delivery that incorporated principals of ancestral health and the birthing wisdom passed down from previous generations. From our first interview with Tuesday and Marga we knew that the care they offered could be consistent with our goals. Their knowledge and calming energy relieved our angst and made each appointment enjoyable. They answered all of our questions (often more than once) and provided us with all the information we needed to plan our home birth. The birthing class provided by Chelsea was essential in giving me the tools I needed to mentally prepare for labor. During the delivery they kept me calm and guided my husband and I each step of the way. The post-natal care has been very thorough and reaffirms why we sought out New Earth Midwifery from the beginning. Most importantly, the health of our daughter is why we will be using New Earth Midwifery for our second child.

Jessica Sarns

We were referred to New Earth Midwifery by trusted friends. From the very first appointment, Tuesday and her sweet team helped us feel confident in our choice to have a natural home birth. Tuesday’s knowledge and intuition were both comforting and empowering. Thanks to her guidance, we were able to have a safe, organic birth experience for our little Willow. It was so much more wonderful and perfect than even we had imagined. Thank you, Tuesday. We are eternally grateful.

Jessica Sarns

Abby Lake

AbbeyWe had our last 2 children with Tuesday at home. The first time I talked to Tuesday, I felt completely at ease. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and welcome. Tuesday is patient, understanding and nonjudgmental. I felt safe physically and emotionally while in her care. There was never any doubt in my mind that she was the right midwife for us! Tuesday was our midwife for our 3rd and 4th children. I knew what to expect during labor and knew what I needed from my support team during the process. She was very accommodating with my requests and supported me through all my decisions. I felt that Tuesday listened and understood me, which made the birth process easier. The time and energy it takes to be a midwife is immeasurable. I know there are sacrifices that come along with taking such close and careful care of mama and baby. I appreciate everything that Tuesday has done for me and for all the other women who have come through her office. She truly is an amazing lady!

Sadie Gildone


From the moment I stepped foot in the New Earth Midwifery office I felt a sense of peace and was confident that Tuesday was going to be my midwife. She had a humble confidence that comforted my husband’s reservations regarding home birth and gave him a sense of assurance that he could trust her with the birth of our baby.

The care myself and my baby received over the next several months was genuine, kind, and supportive. I felt free to ask questions, was given countless, invaluable resources regarding immunizations, birth classes and general preparedness for homebirth. I believe this information was vital in my ability to approach my baby’s birth without fear and with the confidence that giving birth would be a positive and powerful experience.

When I reflect on the birth of my daughter, I remember the patience and confidence of Tuesday as she allowed me to give birth the way I had imagined and hoped. I felt her strong, steady support through the toughest moments and so appreciate her willingness to allow my husband to participate in the delivery of our daughter, a moment he will treasure forever.

I believe having a positive birth experience is absolutely vital to feeling empowered and confident as a mother. I am so very grateful for the care I received from Tuesday and would highly recommend New Earth Midwifery to anyone interested in having a homebirth.

The Weldon Family

It is a month after the birth of our daughter, and we wanted to write some words to the wonderful Midwives who attended to her birth. This is our second child born healthily at home, and delivered and attended to by New Earth Midwifery.

The energies surrounding a birth are so mysterious and powerful. Everyone knows something profound and magic is going to happen, but there is also an angst and anticipation which is like nothing else whatsoever. There is simply nothing like it, and it is easy to understand why the Event of Birth is revered and held sacred by every culture across the globe and history.

Our daughters birth was everything we could have possibly wished for. Among the many contributing factors on this beautiful day was the presence of three amazing Midwives~ Tuesday Benavidez-Knight, Chelsea Fredlund, and Marga Brunner. Their presence that day was such an exemplary statement of the power of Birthing in one’s Home, and of the freedom and organic nature of that process. They were there when they needed to be, but gave plenty of space for the birthing experience to happen as it was supposed to. They inspired confidence, support, and guidance without ever dictating or making anyone feel uncomfortable in any way.

There is Science to birth, just as there is something Sacred. What is so great about these Midwives is that they seem to acknowledge and allow for both. They are very deliberate in their actions but allow the process to flow and evolve as naturally as it is meant to.
It is our opinion that these are among the best Midwives you can get! Thank you so much Tuesday, Chelsea, and Marga!!

-The Weldon Family

Lisa Shedoudy

Gallery_LisaS_testimonial_pThe night my daughter Charlotte Jean was born changed my life forever. She was born at home in the water surrounded with love. I had been planning my homebirth for close to three years, ever since my first daughter was born via cesarean. I wanted a birth experience, not a medical experience. The minute I met Tuesday I felt at ease. She was knowledgeable, kind and proactive in understanding my needs and wants combined with educating me on how to best reach those outcomes. My husband too felt extrememly comfortable with Tuesday, she addressed both of us and included him in all of our conversations.

When I went into labor and Tuesday arrived at my home, a sense of peace fell over the room. I was completely confident in Tuesday’s care and felt at ease knowing that she was prepared and skilled for any situation that could arise. Tuesday coached me through each contraction all the while respecting the birth process and allowing me to labor naturally without interfering. I think the thing I remember most about Tuesday’s presence was her calm and reassuring words. She gave me the confidence to continue to allow my body and baby to work as a team and to stay focused.

My baby girl was born beautifully in the water and when Tuesday lifted her onto my chest I was in awe of the miraculous journey I had just completed and the one that had just begun. The empowerment and strength I found that night was amazing. Tuesday was exactly the kind of midwife I was hoping for. I can say without a moment of hesitation that we would not have had the perfect birth experience without Tuesday. Her energy, expertise, and wisdom is what makes her a true blessing to the birth community and I will forever be grateful to her.

Lisa Shedoudy

Melanie D.

Love, love Jenifer and Tuesday! This was my second child, I had my first one in a hospital and it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to go. Had my baby girl in June and my birth could not have gone any better.

I started having contractions during the day, that’s when they made a house visit to check how far dilated you are. They’ll leave then come in a few hours when real active labor has started. I got to be in my own house with my husband pacing the hallway until the baby came. They set up the birthing tub anywhere you would like. They were such troopers all night since my baby didn’t come till 4:40 in the morning.

My favorite part was the home visits for the next few weeks. I didn’t have to leave my home with my new born for a whole month. Everything went smooth and well.

Kathryn and Ryan

Tuesday was my midwife for both of my pregnancies.
When I was pregnant with my first she heeled me every step of the way with every question I had. She urged me to further prepare myself for labor when I was to scared to think about it. My daughter arrived 3 weeks early and Tuesday and her midwives were my rocks. They were so amazing in helping me get through her whirlwind birth.
And with my second who ended up 2 weeks late they were even more amazing. My son’s birth would be classically categorized as traumatizing for those who don’t know the whole story. Tuesday kept me together. She was amazing. She talked to me the whole time, encouraging me even though I felt ready to give up. It was truly an amazing birthing experience for me. I would not trade either for anything!
She even humored me in my after care visits when I asked if I could come more often just to talk because I love them so much!
She is like family here, and if my family gets their way, we will be using Tuesday’s services again in about 2 years.

Elisse and Luke

Can’t say enough good things about these knowledgeable, warm hearted and nurturing women. I had the pleasure of having 2 empowering births with Tuesday and she will ever hold a special place in my and my family’s heart. After having 2 babies in the hospital, I was looking for a more empowering experience that was safer for me and my baby and New Earth Midwifery provide both. My entire family was included in all appointments and was emotionally cared for rightBirth pic alongside me. Seeing Marga gently rock my sleepy 2 year old while I gathered strength to push was beautifully comforting and encouraging, as was Chelsea’s sweet soft words reminding me that I could do this and that it was all worth it. Tuesday instinctively new how to help me into a better position for my posterior birth and held my hand through every moment. My family and I love them all!

Derika’s Testimonial and Birth Videos

I want to wholeheartedly convey my appreciation to Tuesday and Jennifer for the incredible amount of support they have given me throughout my pregnancy. To have such naturally kind, passionate, intuitive midwives truly mean the world to me. Through every visit and phone call there has never been a question unanswered or a thought unsolved. Their experiences, intelligence, and great awareness of prenatal development have guided me to a confident knowing that I will have a beautiful home birth. I believe every pregnant woman should have the chance to embrace this amazing feeling and I owe it all to the wholesome loving care I am receiving! ~ Derika Faamausili


click to see videos!

View a video Derika’s Beautiful birth of her first son

And here she is again giving birth in power and love to her second little miracle!

Courtney and Eric

We had a homebirth for our first baby and Tuesday and Jessica (who is now at Sierra Homebirth in Grass Valley) were our midwifes. We had a great experience and were very happy we chose to do a waterbirth. It was so nice to have hour long prenatal appointments to discuss my many questions as a first time mom. You really get to know the midwives and they become such an important part of the birth experience. One of the things I loved about the birth was that they let me labor and deliver my baby without a lot of interventions and without much direction. They told me I would know when to push and indeed, when the time came, I knew what to do. It was an empowering experience and an amazing way to bring a baby into the world!

Chrissy and Reed

I was referred to Tuesday by a friend of mine who used her for both of her home births and she always spoke so highly of her. She would tell me how down to earth she is and helpful she was for both of her pregnancies. I was excited that she was available for my second birth! This is my second time doing a home birth and I am due this month.
I knew I really liked Tuesday, Chelsea, and Marga when I first met them and left feeling so relieved! They are all so informative and supportive and give off such good vibes :) I feel blessed to have gone with New Earth Midwifery this time around. I feel very comfortable with all of them and that is very important to me.
Home Birth is the way to go!! And if I am ever to have a third child, I will go with Tuesday. Hands down. Thank you New Earth Midwifery

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