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The midwife will come see you in active labor and stay with you until your baby is nursing in your arms. When the midwife arrives, she will assess you and your surroundings and make sure that you are in the most peaceful and safe space possible so that your labor proceeds wonderfully. The midwife will bring in supplies and equipment including oxygen, resuscitation equipment, medications for hemorrhage, herbs and homeopathics and the birth tub if you desire a waterbirth. Your vital signs and your baby’s vital signs will be checked regularly during the labor. We will be writing notes in your chart and recording the unique events that take place at your birth. The midwife will support you as needed throughout your labor. During and after the birth, if there are any complications that require attention by the midwife, she will not hesitate to do what she needs to do to correct the situation, always keeping you informed of what is happening and giving you choices about the care she is providing.

When you give birth your baby is placed on your chest and never taken from you. The best part about homebirth is that you can be certain that you will never be separated from your sweet baby. Your first loving bonding is the very best moment of life! Your baby needs to hear your voice and feel your love and touch. You need to touch and smell and kiss your newborn. We will not cut the cord until the placenta has been delivered. The baby benefits from the cord blood. While you are bonding with your baby, we will be assessing your wellbeing and begin to tidy up around you. We will help with breastfeeding and make you a nourishing tea or soup. We do a full head to toe assessment of the baby before we go at 3 hours postpartum.

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