Doula Monitrice

A Doula is a birth companion who is skilled in providing emotional, physical, and informational support during your labor. A Monitrice provides this same support and has additional knowledge/skill that allows her to provide clinical assessments of you and your baby while you labor at home.

A doula monitrice is very helpful if you want to do most of your laboring at home and go to the hospital towards the end of your labor for the birth.

We meet with you on an average of six visits prior to your due date to help plan for the birth and discuss questions you might have. Because of we have experience with hospital labor and delivery procedures, we can help you make wise decisions regarding medical interventions such as if and when to be induced, the use of pitocin, epidurals, etc…

We will help you create your birth plan which you will give to your doctor. We will be with you at home during labor (prior to going to the hospital). Since we are midwives, we are able to monitor your vital signs, fetal heart tones and changes in your cervix. When you are ready to depart for the hospital, we will accompany you.

At the hospital we can help you cope with pain using a variety of natural techniques such as massage, acupressure, positioning, and the use of warm compresses and showers.
• We will be there to explain every new change during each step of the birthing process
• We will remain to assist with breastfeeding after the birth
• We will explain the many hospital tests your newborn faces
• We will provide two in-home postpartum visits to assist with breastfeeding help you process the birth.

Studies show: Women report more positive evaluations of the birth experience and felt more relaxed during labor when they received continuous and experienced woman-to-woman support.

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