New Earth Midwifery Reunion Picnic

September 19th, 2015 12pm-3pm
Livermore Park, Folsom

Picnic 2011

Holistic Parents Playgroup

Holistic Parents Playgroup – A place we can all share our knowledge of holistic care of our children in hopes that we each feel more supported in an ever changing world.
We will do park days once or twice a month and some fun workshops making natural medicines this fall. I hope to share in the joyous time of parenting with positive and radiant people! See you at the park!

October 24th- Making natural herbal medicine for the cold and flu season.
Hello Holistic Parents! I am very excited to announce our October meeting will be a herbal remedies workshop at my house! I have a special guest coming, Lauren Nabiyev. She will help us all make some herbal remedies for our families to help us through the winter season.
Please feel welcome to bring babies in arms however we will be too busy learning and creating to make space for little walkers! The workshop will be $10-$20 and you will take a few homemade remedies home with you.

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To my Friends, Colleagues and especially my dear Clients,
It has been 8 years since I started my practice New Earth Midwifery. I have had the honor of attending over 300 homebirths now. My greatest joy has been walking this path of motherhood with you all. Hearing the baby’s first heartbeat, wiping the sweat on your brow as you push one more time with fierce, raw primal power, thanking God as each of you cried tears of joy and relief as you hold your new baby for the first time. I remember the details of each unique birth experience as though they were my own. I cherish the moments we have all had together walking that long labyrinth to your baby. As I look back on the last 8 years my heart feels close to bursting with joy, love and sadness that times are changing. Today I will announce to you some changes that must take place and why. Over the last 4 years I have witnessed with shock and sadness the persecution of nurse midwives attending homebirth here in California. There are now 5 nurse midwives in northern CA that have been under investigation and subsequently prosecuted by the Board of Registered Nursing. They are all excellent midwives and have fought this unfair oppression in court costing them hundreds of thousands to defend their licenses. Kavita, Yelena, Ruth, Dena and Renee, my heart goes out to you for the pain and suffering this has caused you and your families. The Board of Registered Nursing has made their stance on homebirth clear, they absolutely oppose homebirth. They have no oversight and abuse their power. What they have done to these midwives is despicable, ignorant and archaic. Due to this unfortunate political climate I have made the very difficult decision to stop attending homebirths. I want to say that I will be back, in time, once things are safer for CNM’s. I will still keep New Earth Midwifery open for prenatal, postpartum, GYN care and breastfeeding support. I will be doing in-home postpartum care for mothers who desire this support.
Thank you to all of my clients for your friendship and support. Each of your ecstatic birth experiences has fed my soul and I look forward to being honored with these sacred moments again in my life when the time is right.

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Well, Aubra and Matt win the award for the most exciting birth story of my career!!!Due to complications during labor we had to transport and I got to deliver this sweet boy in an ambulance on the bumpiest dirt road on earth. God bless Aubra for enduring such circumstances! She was so happy he was born she just laughed and laughed while we bumped along. Everyone was healthy and happy in the end and we are so happy to finally see little Theodore Lane Duffy with his 2 adoring siblings 💗 I love that he can say he was born on a dirt road with a midwife 😊 ...

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Lovely Aevyn Melia born on April 7, 2017! Her mama Arianna is such a rock star and gave birth with such fierce love for her baby, I am so proud of her! ...

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