Philosophy of Care

New Earth Midwifery~

Core Values

– Every woman should be treated as an individual.

– Women can be empowered through their childbirth experiences.

– All women have the strength within to give birth with their own power.

– Each pregnancy is a sacred, spiritual event and should be honored as such.

– Birth is a normal, safe physiological process and the attendance of a midwife trained to respond to the abnormal events ensures the safety of mother and baby.

– Every baby deserves a gentle, loving birth.

– Every baby deserves to bond with the mother and father directly after their birth.

– Every mother deserves loving support as she labors and gives birth.

– All families deserve to be informed of all aspects of their care during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum time.

– Each mother and baby’s birth experience has a monumental impact on his or her psyche.

– A baby’s birth experience can Directly influence their ability to reach their full potential in countless areas throughout their life.

– Homebirth is better for the environment as routine unnecessary interventions using plastic are not done.

– Homebirth is a safe option for low risk pregnancies.

– The home environment is a peaceful place to give birth and this is exactly what a birthing woman needs in order for her body to work in the most optimal way

Philosophy of Care

Childbirth is a journey that allows a woman to realize deep wells of strength, awareness and compassion within herself that she otherwise would have never known. As a woman, mother of three children and a midwife, I am a guardian of women.

As a woman, I will protect your rights as a woman and offer you choices of how you want to birth and where you want to birth. In my care your opinions and questions will be encouraged and discussed and during your visits we will explore how you can become the confident, loving conscious parent your baby needs.
As a mother, I honor and respect your baby’s need for a healthy pregnancy and a gentle, loving birth. In my care, your baby will stay in your loving arms after the birth. You will have undisturbed peace as you and your baby communicate the greatest love possible to each other, these sacred moments after birth are powerful in creating harmony within the mother and baby’s emotional state for the next few years.

As a midwife, I will help you have a healthy pregnancy with attention to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I will help you prepare for childbirth and parenting. I will watch over you as you instinctively carry a new life into this Earth. There will be no unnecessary intervention with your birth, as I know your body inherently knows how to give birth. If you or your baby need help, you can trust that my experience as a midwife has prepared me to know what to do for birth that proceeds abnormally.

New Earth Midwifery is my way of contributing to the creation of an Earth that is inhabited and nurtured by people who embody truth, awareness, compassion and love as ways of living.

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