Benefits of Homebirth

You are in control of your birth! Midwives listen to the needs of mother and accommodate her wishes. Midwives help you feel safe.

You have a much lower chance of experiencing unnecessary medical procedures, with outcomes that are just as safe, compared to healthy mothers and babies birthing in hospital.

• When you feel safe your body responds with a normal efficient labor pattern, which leads to less pain, less intervention and a natural birth.

• Women who feel safe and supported are less likely to need pain medication.

• Women who plan for a homebirth have an exceptionally low chance of needing a cesarean.

• The most gentle birth experience for the baby. Midwives are mother-hearted, compassionate and loving.

• Babies are NEVER separated from their mothers.

• Delayed cord clamping gives your baby a better immune system.

• One-to-one care with your chosen midwife. Midwifery care begins early in pregnancy and lasts through 6 weeks postpartum.

• Homevisits in the tender postpartum time.

• Midwives help with breastfeeding support in your home.

• Your home; your germs. No hospital germs!

• Fathers and siblings have a much calmer and more intimate experience during the labor, birth and postpartum time.

• The whole family is together to bond with the new baby.

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