Tuesday Benavidez-Knight, Certified Nurse Midwife

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I am a certified nurse midwife devoted to empowering women during their childbearing years. I created New Earth Midwifery Homebirth Service with the intention of helping our world become a more peaceful and loving place. I believe that an experience as powerful as birth bears the ability to change us from the beginning.

New Earth Midwifery has been helping families have safe, respectful and fulfilling pregnancies and births since 2009. I incorporate years of study of natural medicine, nutrition, and holistic healthcare to enhance the health of your pregnancy. I am an experienced midwife with a well rounded background in different practice settings. I feel that being a nurse is valuable to my midwifery experience as I gained extensive hands on experience managing complications and emergencies in the hospital.

Throughout my journey to becoming a midwife there was one thing I knew for certain and that was that I wanted to be a homebirth midwife. I feel that birth should be respected and valued as a sacred event for the family. I feel very passionately that each woman is unique and deserves to be supported mentally, physically, emotionally through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. I strive to protect the birth experience as I see that it is devalued in the hospital. Clients who have had hospital births and then homebirths are always amazed that they have a say in everything that happens with their birth! There are NO unnecessary interventions or scare tactics used in a homebirth setting. I am always humbled when I hear my clients say that they felt confident, supported, prepared and empowered through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. I treasure each and every family I have served. Their births are each sacred and unique and every detail of the moment of birth is etched in my memory. I am grateful and thankful to be serving my community as a homebirth nurse-midwife. You can trust that my team and I are prepared to help you and your baby have a safe birth experience.

I am happily married to Aaron Knight, a high school art teacher and we have 3 beautiful children. I had my first amazing waterbirth at age 19 in a birth center. A wonderful, life changing experience! My second daughter, Violet was born at home with my daughter, my husband and midwife present. My son Leo was also born at home with the help of 3 midwives and their student, 2 grandmas, my husband, my 2 daughters and my sister! I believe each of my births were a life affirming rite of passage. When I am not catching babies, I enjoy hiking, running and spending time with my family.

I believe~ Birth brings women to a timeless place of transformation. It is at this place, devoid of time and space, where the veil between life and death is so thin that we find our true strength; Our True Self. It is said that “So as a woman lives; so shall she give birth”. As women endure the rite of passage that is labor; we are pushed past any limits or expectations we had emotionally or physically. We become pure instinct. Every sight, sound smell and touch affects our labor. Our laboring bodies are either encouraged by a calm familiar environment or we produce adrenaline in reaction to an unfamiliar and non supportive environment. Welcome to the simplicity of nature. Our bodies are made to give birth and we give birth in Power and JOY when we feel safe. Being supported and encouraged by midwives who know and understand what you are going through can help you feel peace, trust and love at the time in your life when it’s most important~ Your Child’s Birth. Midwife means: “with woman”. It is possible that a midwife’s compassion and loving encouragement could help you achieve a natural, gentle birth for you and your baby.

Tuesday and her son Leo hiking along the American River

Tuesday and her son Leo hiking along the American River

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